Eberron Twist of Fate Trailer
Six in three, move the moons
And tides of time ebb and flow.
The first forged will rule the ruin,
As the deadly shadows grow.

Six in three, locked in fate
Answer the dragon’s call.
Two to live, two to leave,
And two of six to fall.
From the Draconic Prophecy

The fires of the Last War have only recently been extinguished, an uneasy peace hangs precariously under the looming threat of renewed conflict. The Lords and Rulers of Khorvaire are on constant vigilance, watching the movements of one another. Amongst the agendas of these nations are conspiracy of grander scales than petty border disputes and exportation rights.

At some point these malicious plots will come to fruition, and heroes of great resolve may be the only ones who can thwart the insidious schemes of some of Eberron’s greatest villains. On their trek through darkness and madness the adventurers will be in a position to end these threats and perhaps twist the fate of Eberron.

Eberron: A Twist of Fate